Opening Doors For Your Future


A Guide to a Career in the Travel Industry

TRAVEL AND TOURISM: Opening Doors to Your Future is an interactive training and recruiting program that introduces the world's largest industry to people who are about to enter the workforce or are already employed and wish to advance. Produced in a high definition interactive format it explores the wonders of the world of Travel and Tourism: its history, its constant growth regardless of economic downturns, its importance in the world, its various sectors and how they work together, and the many opportunities it offers for those who choose to make it their profession. It outlines the technical and people skills required to advance in position and income, expand personal horizons and have fun fulfilling people's dreams. It can be used as a stand-alone course or as a customizable audio visual resource to support existing programs.

TRAVEL AND TOURISM: Opening Doors to Your Future is the successor to the “World of Many Faces” video and workbook, which has been used in universities, schools and companies around the world. It has been redesigned in an interactive format, offering added content, greater depth, provisions for regular updates and localization and customization for NTOs, industry sectors, corporations and schools.

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TRAVEL AND TOURISM: Opening Doors to Your Future is:

  • Flexible: A visually-rich multimedia classroom tool for trainers and educators in institutes, private and public schools, colleges and universities that can be used as is or as an audio visual resource to support existing programs. Content can be augmented by instructors using a customizable template.
  • Educational: An introduction to the Travel & Tourism industry at the induction of new employees by Human Resources Development managers in the hotel, aviation, travel-agency, tour operations, guiding and interpretation sectors. It can be custom branded and altered to emphasize any individual sector or company culture.
  • Motivational: A recruiting tool for distribution by NTOs, travel agent associations and other tourism industry groups to schools, at job fairs and other recruiting venues. It can be custom branded and focused on a particular country, highlighting issues of local importance.



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